Molecular Excipient

182.0 -3.6 6 6 121.0 5 1.0
Present in 76 ZINC catalogs

Known Active Genes

There has not been any activity reported at 10μM or less for this excipient (per ChEBML)

Clinical Trials

This compound has been an intervention in the following clincial trials (per
Code Date Title Phase Status
NCT00359697 Comparison of Two Different Medications Used to Treat Elevated Intracranial Pressure Phase 1 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT01954290 2015-08-01 Study of Stroke Related Edema Treatments Phase 2 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT02386449 2015-02-01 A Study Comparing Picoprep With Mannitol and Bisacodyl for Colon Cleansing in Preparation for Colonoscopy Phase 4 Recruiting
NCT02306473 2015-01-01 The Leaky Lung Test Phase 0 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT02134353 2014-10-01 A Safety and Efficacy Trial of Inhaled Mannitol in Adult Cystic Fibrosis Subjects Phase 3 Recruiting
NCT02244372 2014-09-01 Efficacy and Safety of Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium Culture Extract(Paecilomyces Hepiali, CBG-CS-2) on Promotion of Immunity Phase 2/Phase 3 Recruiting
NCT02196142 2014-08-01 Acute Effects of Cortisol on Alcohol Craving in Alcohol Dependence Phase 3 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT02037815 2014-01-01 Correlation of Measured and Calculated Serum Osmolality During Hyperosmolar Drugs Infusion in Patients After Craniotomy Phase 4 Completed
NCT01883531 2013-06-01 Crossover Trial Determining the Efficacy of Dry Powder Mannitol to Improve Lung Function in Subjects Aged 6-17 Years Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT01843088 2013-05-01 Trial of Mannitol Cream for Pain Relief After a Long Run Phase 1 Completed
NCT02091180 2013-01-01 Mannitol Improves Cerebral Oxygen Saturation Phase 4 Completed
NCT01748838 2012-12-01 Phase 1 Study Assessing the Safety and Tolerability of CTX-4430 Phase 1 Completed
NCT01718964 2012-11-01 Acute Effects of Cortisol on Heroin Craving in Opioid Dependence (Ghost-Basel) Phase 2 Completed
NCT01745081 2012-09-01 Comparison of 20% Mannitol and 3% Hypertonic Saline for Cerebral Relaxation During Elective Supratentorial Craniotomies Phase 4 Recruiting
NCT01682408 2012-09-01 Assess Pharmacokinetics of Fostamatinib in Fed and Fasted State in Combination With Ranitidine to Assess Bioavailability Phase 1 Completed
NCT01605357 2012-07-01 Hypernatremia for the Prevention and Treatment of Cerebral Edema in Traumatic Brain Injury Phase 1/Phase 2 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT01645085 2012-07-01 A Study to Assess the Bioequivalence of R406 in Healthy Volunteers When Given 100mg and 150 mg of Fostamatinib Phase 1 Completed
NCT01520207 2012-05-01 Mannitol - Potential Role in Hemodialysis Initiation for Reduction of Intra-dialytic Hypotension Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT01606787 2012-05-01 Mannitol Use During Partial Nephrectomy Prior to Renal Ischemia and Impact on Renal Function Outcomes Phase 3 Recruiting
NCT01485315 2011-11-01 Transfusion-requirements in Septic Shock Trial Phase 3 Completed
NCT01642745 2011-11-01 Mannitol (Aridol) and Methacholine (Provocholine) Responsiveness Phase 4 Completed
NCT01449123 2011-09-01 Mannitol Challenge Test in Adult Asthma Patients With Fixed Dose Combinations Phase 4 Completed
NCT01142505 2010-11-01 Wheeze and Intermittent Treatment Phase 3 Completed
NCT00810940 2010-10-01 Controlled Trial of ABELADRUG200 in Closed, Severe Head Injury Phase 1/Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT01111682 2010-04-01 Hypertonic Saline vs. Mannitol for Elevated Intercranial Pressure Phase 3 Terminated
NCT00669331 2009-11-01 Inhaled Mannitol as a Mucoactive Therapy for Bronchiectasis Phase 3 Completed
NCT00189007 2009-10-01 Antenatal Allopurinol During Fetal Hypoxia Phase 3 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT00973284 2009-09-01 Norwalk Vaccine Study Phase 1/Phase 2 Completed
NCT01309178 2009-05-01 Anti-inflammatory Pulmonal Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Patients With Amitriptyline and Placebo Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT01076491 2009-01-01 High Dose Inhaled Mannitol Study Phase 1/Phase 2 Completed
NCT00792714 2008-12-01 Pharmacokinetics of Inhaled Mannitol in Cystic Fibrosis Patients Phase 1 Completed
NCT00795587 2008-10-01 Comparison of 2 Doses of Mannitol on Post Traumatic Intracranial Hypertension and Cerebral Monitoring Phase 4 Terminated
NCT00630812 2008-09-01 Long Term Administration of Inhaled Mannitol in Cystic Fibrosis Phase 3 Completed
NCT00730977 2008-08-01 A Pilot Study to Investigate Administration of Mannitol Via a Novel Dry Powder Inhaler Device Phase 1/Phase 2 Completed
NCT01028339 2008-07-01 Mannitol vs HS to Treat ICHT After Severe TBI : Comparison on PtiO2 and Microdialysis Values Phase 3 Terminated
NCT00569088 2007-11-01 "Study of the Pathogenesis and Molecular Mechanism of ""YURE"" in Internal Intractable Diseases" Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT01233492 2007-10-01 Boron Phenylalanine With or Without Mannitol in Treating Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme Phase 1 Terminated
NCT00446680 2007-03-01 Long Term Administration of Inhaled Dry Powder Mannitol In Cystic Fibrosis - A Safety and Efficacy Study Phase 3 Completed
NCT00446667 2006-10-01 A Pilot Safety Study of Inhaled Dry Powder Mannitol in Acute Exacerbations of COPD Phase 1/Phase 2 Completed
NCT00446771 2006-10-01 A Pharmacokinetic and Bioavailability Study of Mannitol for Inhalation Using Normal Subjects Phase 1 Completed
NCT00677664 2006-07-01 Effects of Copaxone in the Retinal Function in Diabetic Patients After Panphotocoagulation Phase 4 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT00277537 2006-03-01 Safety and Efficacy of Bronchitol in Bronchiectasis Phase 3 Completed
NCT00117208 2005-11-01 Comparison of Inhaled Mannitol and rhDNase in Children With Cystic Fibrosis Phase 2 Completed
NCT00251056 2005-10-01 Mannitol Dose Response Study in Cystic Fibrosis Phase 2 Completed
NCT00125229 2005-08-01 Cerebral Hemodynamic Effects of Hypertonic Solutions in Severely Head-Injured Patients Phase 4 Terminated
NCT00117182 2005-07-01 Aridol Challenge as a Tool to Predict Treatment Response to Inhaled Corticosteroids in COPD Phase 2 Completed
NCT00238173 2004-12-01 Acetylcysteine, Mannitol, Combination Chemotherapy, and Sodium Thiosulfate in Treating Children With Malignant Brain Tumors Phase 1 Suspended
NCT00113854 2004-10-01 Mannitol as Adjunct Therapy for Childhood Cerebral Malaria Phase 3 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT00455130 2004-03-01 A Phase 2 Study to Determine the Safety and Efficacy of Inhaled Dry Powder Mannitol in Cystic Fibrosis Phase 2 Completed
NCT00319345 2003-11-01 Sodium-Lactate and Traumatic Brain Injury Phase 2/Phase 3 Terminated
NCT00426192 2003-10-01 Effects of Hemofiltration and Mannitol Treatment on Cardiopulmonary-Bypass Induced Immunosuppression Phase 4 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT00390624 2003-07-01 Prevention Of Nephrotoxicity Following Bone Marrow Transplantation Using Urodilatin and Mannitol Phase 2 Completed
NCT00447018 2002-10-01 Mannitol Versus Hypertonic Saline Solution in the Treatment of Elevated Intracranial Pressure Phase 4 Completed

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Functions of Mannitol

Nutr - Nutrient

Regulatory Status of Mannitol

Gras - Generally recognized as safe.


Route Formulation Per Unit Dose
Buccal Tablet 97.69MG
Buccal/sublingual Tablet 52.5MG
Im - Iv Injection 2.5%
Im - Iv Powder, For Injection Solution 15%W/V
Im - Iv - Sc Injection
Im - Sc Injection
Im - Sc Powder, For Injection Solution 2%
Intramuscular Injectable 5%
Intramuscular Injection 10.66%
Intramuscular Injection 9.45%
Intramuscular Injection, Microspheres 13.49%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Solution 11.93%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized 8.5%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 3.6%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Suspension 4.5%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Suspension, Lyophilized 5.19%
Intravenous Infusion 17%
Intravenous Injectable 45%
Intravenous Injection 4%
Intravenous Injection, Suspension 12.5%
Intravenous Liquid, Concentrate, Injection 6.13%
Intravenous Powder 45%
Intravenous Powder, For Injection Solution 34%
Intravenous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized 4%W/V
Intravenous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 3.94%
Intravenous Solution 4.15%
Intravenous Solution, Injection 74.8%
Intravenous Solution, Liposome, Injection 10%
Iv(infusion) Concentrate 22%
Iv(infusion) Infusion 3.85%
Iv(infusion) Injectable 4.95%
Iv(infusion) Injection 4.7%W/V
Iv(infusion) Powder, For Injection Solution 1.5%W/V
Iv(infusion) Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 7.5%
Iv(infusion) Solution, Concentrate 4.4%
Iv(infusion) Solution, Injection 20.67%
Nasal Solution, Spray 4.15%
Ophthalmic Gel 5%
Ophthalmic Powder, For Solution 5.6%
Ophthalmic Solution 23%
Ophthalmic Solution, Drops 4.6%
Ophthalmic Solution, Gel Forming, Extended Release 4.35%
Ophthalmic Suspension 2.4%
Ophthalmic Suspension, Drops 4%
Oral Capsule 297.2MG
Oral Capsule (immed./comp. Release), Hard Gelatin 264.8MG
Oral Capsule, Coated Pellets 1.75MG
Oral Capsule, Delayed Action 13.44MG
Oral Capsule, Delayed Action, Enteric Coated
Oral Capsule, Enteric Coated Pellets 236MG
Oral Capsule, Extended Release 6.42MG
Oral Capsule, Hard Gelatin 92MG
Oral Capsule, Sustained Action 56.1MG
Oral Dispersible Tablet 8.6MG
Oral Granule 484.2MG
Oral Granule, Effervescent
Oral Granule, For Oral Suspension 193.2MG
Oral Granule, For Suspension 500MG
Oral Powder 19.3%
Oral Powder 1.1GM
Oral Powder, For Oral Solution 5.78%W/V
Oral Powder, For Oral Suspension 5.29%
Oral Powder, For Reconstitution 5.87%
Oral Powder, For Solution
Oral Powder, For Suspension 4%
Oral Solution, Injection 2.94%
Oral Suspension 10%
Oral Suspension, Sustained Action 2.46GM
Oral Tablet 681.65MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Film Coated 181.5MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Film Coated 32.58MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Uncoated, Chewable 630MG
Oral Tablet, Coated 177.7MG
Oral Tablet, Controlled Release
Oral Tablet, Delayed Action 106.12MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Action, Enteric Coated 77.9MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Release 83MG
Oral Tablet, Dispersible 104MG
Oral Tablet, Extended Release 384.75MG
Oral Tablet, Film Coated 241.21MG
Oral Tablet, For Suspension 270MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating 606.72MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating 174.78MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating 174.76MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating, Delayed Release 221MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action 392.2MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action, Film Coated 274.97MG
Oral Tablet, Uncoated, Lozenge 187.6MG
Oral Troche 1035.18MG
Oral Wafer 500MG
Parenteral Powder For Injection 1GM
Parenteral Powder, For Injection Solution 20%
Respiratory (inhalation) Powder, For Inhalation 0.05%
Subcutaneous Injectable 10%
Subcutaneous Injection 4.5%
Subcutaneous Powder, For Injection Solution 9%
Subcutaneous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized 22.05%
Subcutaneous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 4%
Subcutaneous Powder, For Injection Suspension, Lyophilized 10%
Subcutaneous Solution 1.59%
Subcutaneous Solution, Injection 4.95%
Subcutaneous Suspension, Injection 1.21%
Sublingual Tablet 164.92MG
Sublingual Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Uncoated, Buccal 157.48MG
Submucosal Solution, Injection 2.94%
Topical Solution 2.39%W/V
Topical Solution, Drops 1.6%W/V
Topical Suspension 0.3%
Transdermal Patch, Electrically Controlled 342.35MG
Transmucosal Tablet 180.19MG

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